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His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Outside the rain is beating down on the roof and windows, the thunder is booming and the lightning is crashing.  My kids are hidden in their bedroom “fort” reading by candlelight.  Big guy is reading to Little girl from “Appalachian Mother Goose”, a book of rhymes familiar to our area.  Candles are at the ready, flashlights are close by, and we sit here……waiting for the storm to pass.  It occurs to me now, how MUCH of our lives are spent just hiding out waiting for the storms to pass…..and how often we waste that time, never thinking of ways to use it productively.   We sit, hidden, tucking our heads into the proverbial sand…..just waiting.

I am sitting here, the thunder booming and the kids suddenly just called out in fear.  I called back to them “don’t worry babydolls, Mommy is keeping an eye on the radar”.  Suddenly, I am thinking of myself……sometimes there are storms in life that scare me…..and I find myself in prayer calling out to my Heavenly Father, and I know he must look down on me and think to himself  “Does she not know I have my eye upon the sparrow, and how much MORE it is on her?”  and he answers me in my spirit I hear him  “Don’t worry dear….I’ve got my eye on this storm…nothing is happening outside my will, nothing is happening that is beyond my control, nothing is happening that I cannot rescue you from”  and suddenly…I feel much like my children do when I call back to them….safe…..Protected….and I know, that I am safe, I am protected, I am watched over, and NOTHING is outside his will or his control…he always has the ability to rescue me when I need to be rescued….and it is in this moment I realize just how much I trust in Him.



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