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Be Like Jochebed{Sacrificial Mothering}

This is the story of Moses, and a lesson not about how God will raise up a deliverer when things are at their worst, but about how seriously Mama ought to take the raising of her babies.  Jochebed was Moses’ mother, and until last night I hadn’t paid attention to what her name even was, isn’t that just like the world? We give mama no credit.

Exodus 2: 1-3

And there went a man of the house of Levi, and took to wife a daughter of Levi.

And the woman conceived, and bare a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child, she hid him three months.

And when she could not longer hide him, she took for him an ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch; and she put the child therein, and laid it in the flags by the river’s brink.

Out of these 3 verses, God delivered a great confirmation to me directly concerning the burden he laid upon my heart all of those years ago, the burden that I had been given direct charge of the children he gave me and I would be responsible for ensuring that they reach their full potential in Christ.  The burden that at times has been so great that I allowed fear to overcome me, a fear that I wasn’t up to the task.  Last night God confirmed and renewed that message into my life that in fact I am during my study of Jochebed .

Jochebed was a slave, the lowest of low slaves most likely, she would not have been a beautiful woman, there would’ve been no closet full of clothes to choose from, no hair products to fix up with, no chanel perfumes nor any Lancome` counters for her to have visited in order to improve her appearances.  No dentist to fix her rotten teeth, and no TIME to take to spend on “ME” for Jochebed.  Then a man takes her for his wife, and later in that marriage she conceived a son. Let’s not forget Jochebed was Hebrew of course she would’ve married another Hebrew and together they would’ve likely known and faced the harsh reality that this child they conceived if it were a boy child, would be drown in the river by Pharaoh’s men.  Likely they would’ve spent a lot of time in prayer, and had great faith that this child would be delivered a girl so that they would not suffer such a great loss.  Then Moses was born, a boy child, oh what grief and heartache must have come at the moment he was delivered and found to be a boy.  How Jochebed must have questioned God, but she didn’t allow this to last for long, she wasn’t a wallower.  She noticed immediately that this child was somehow different, extraordinary, set apart.  What did she do?  Likely she prayed, she sought the face of God, and the bible says she HID the baby for 3 months.  Do you KNOW what kind of EFFORT it would take to HIDE an infant for 3 months!!?  It would be difficult to hide an infant or child for a day, let alone 3 months!  What did Jochebed do!?  She hid him and she prayed.  All the while, she prayed, she had to have!  She prayed and then when it became impossible to hide him and she had no further choices, she made an ark of those bullrushes and she daubed the pitch and the slime into the gaps to waterproof it, and she set her baby in the brink of the river and she hid him.  What the Bible does not tell us, but we can see is Jochebed obviously would have given up everything in order to hide this baby, her time, her energy, her efforts, they all would’ve been spent hiding this child…no ME time for this mama!  Jochebed was a mama on a mission, she recognized that her child had a purpose and she was willing to sacrifice it ALL in order to see that he had the opportunity to FULFILL GOD’S PURPOSE IN HIS LIFE.  Are you enough like Jochebed?  Are you WILLING to give up your ME time, your “calm ” time, your “quiet”, your EVERYTHING, in order to be a JOCHEBED MAMA?

This word pierced my heart again just as it did when God laid it upon my heart so long ago that I personally am responsible for my children and their upbringing, not the government, not the grandparents, not the babysitter.  Was I willing to give up a great paying job with benefits, a job that would’ve provided the best of care and education for my children that the WORLD had to offer, was I WILLING to give it up and STAY AT HOME and do it myself?  YES GOD, YES SIR, YOU BET!  Along the way though it is so EASY to become weary in well doing!  The children bicker and fight, they ask a million questions, they give a hard time at doing their assignments, they can just be generally irritating sometimes!  I pray the Lord never allows me to forget Jochebed. Let her’s be an example to follow!  It’s a call to ALL mothers really, we ought to all be willing to make whatever sacrifices need to be made to ensure that we are daubing the ark we are building around our children.  When I think of daubing the ark with pitch and tar, I think of prayer and time.  It spoke of how Jochebed had Miriam take the baby out and put him into the river in that little ark, and then how pharaohs daughter came and found the baby and how Miriam must have been so very afraid in that moment, until she saw that Pharaohs daughter would not kill the baby but wanted to keep it.  So then Miriam (Jochebed’s daughter who ALSO had been being daubbed and prepared right along with Moses and his little ark) STEPPED OUT IN HER OWN FAITH, and SAW the MIRACLE OF GOD WITH HER OWN TWO EYES.  Miriam saw FIRSTHAND the provision of God and how God not ONLY saved Moses but he RESTORED him to his mother, and Pharaohs daughter PAID his mother to be his nurse.  God not only blessed but he blessed in SUPER ABUNDANCE, HE NOT ONLY GAVE JOCHEBED BACK HER SON, HE PAID HER TO RAISE HIM!

What did Jochebed do though?  She didnt just thank God and go on!  She recognized IMMEDIATELY, one day this child will return into Pharaohs household, but RIGHT NOW I HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY!  I have an opportunity to TEACH my son of the Great God Jehovah!  and that is what she MUST have done!  She did not waste one minute!  When they rose up, when they sat down, when they ate, when she laid the child to sleep, she must have taught, spoke the word to, and PRAYED over this child all the while daubing more and more pitch and tar into those cracks in the ark of prayer she was building around her son.  She was building an ark of prayer, an ark of the Word of God, an ark of TRUTH around him, so that when she had no choice but again to let him go….all those cracks were sealed and the waters of the Nile, the ways of Pharaohs house, the ways of Egypt could not come in around him but were kept out by that Heavenly hedge.  Lord! LET ME BE LIKE JOCHEBED!  Don’t EVER allow me to forget that these children are mine but for a short time, and it will not be long and they must enter the world and it is MY job to build that ark around them just as Jochebed built around Moses, and Noah built around his family.  An ark of obedience, an ark of dedication, an ark of the word and the truth, an ark of prayer, an ark of worship, an ark of sacrifice because MY CHILDREN ARE MY PEARLS OF GREAT PRICE….WORTH SACRIFICING IT ALL FOR!

Sometimes when the way of well doing becomes weary, we ALL need a refresher and I certainly have a renewed spirit, and a refreshed purpose.  Thank you Lord for the wells in the desert!


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