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Who is your King? Where is his throne?

People often put God on a throne just a little lower than he should be.  Kings are the providers for their kingdoms, who is your king?  

Daniel 4:26But whereas he commanded, that the stump of the roots thereof, that is, of the tree, should be left: thy kingdom shall remain to thee after thou shalt have known that power is from heaven. 

My point, when you know that all that you are, have had, have, and will have comes directly from the hand of God then your ‘kingdom’ will be made sure.  

I know this seems unrelated to homeschooling, but truly this message can be applied to all areas of life.  When we realize and acknowledge that our children are gifts from God himself to us.  When we realize that our knowledge and abilities are from God himself, when we accept that we are not the provider of our lives, then God will make our ‘kingdom’ sure.  He will bless our efforts.

The people’s needs are met by their king, so if we are our own king then we are attempting to meet our own needs and surely we know how pitiful we are at that.  If the world is our king, then we are depending on the world to meet our needs and surely we know how inadequate the world is to do that.  When however, we place God on the throne and at the height he belongs, then GOD himself will meet our needs.

As homeschooling parents, if we depend on God to meet the needs of the day (give us our daily bread)then we can rest assured knowing that the God of all grace is sufficient to meet the needs of that day.


When we are depending on God to meet our needs, he will meet them regardless of circumstance in his own time.  Just like when God brought the Hebrews to the Jordan River to cross it during flood season. He could have brought them out in any season he so desired, but he brought them out during flood season.  God could have had a bridge built across the river, he could’ve had strategically spaced and placed stones that would have helped them cross the river, he could’ve brought them out when the river would not have been overflowing with flood waters to begin with, but he didn’t.  He brought them to it during flood season, to show that his timing, his provision, and his abilities will trump circumstances. He brought them across the river in such a way, that there could be no mistake that it was God and only God who had brought them across.
Again, I know this seems unrelated to homeschooling, but follow me on this.  I was called to homeschool my children before I ever had a child.  I began the journey when my son was 5, and I struggled and plugged along and tried my absolute best. I think the ‘thing’ was though, I was doing my best not really thinking further than “God called me to this, so he will provide the abilities, means, patience, etc”.  Not so!  God had ‘brought us out of the public system’ but, when I walked out and into my “wilderness of home education” much like the Israelite wanderers I complained when things didn’t just pan out and go breezily and easily.  This was work!

Like Jonah, I ran from the call because it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun, and I didn’t like things that weren’t easy and fun.  I enrolled the kids into the local christian school, read: my first whale motel.  Then, I repented for a time, and brought them back home and had great revival….things were going smoothly and they were easy, fun, and I liked easy and fun things.  Again in the fall of that year, I found myself with a not easy, not fun school year beginning and I enrolled the kids, this time in public school!  Whale Motel again!

You would have thought by then I would have had my fill of “Whale Motel” and would’ve stopped complaining and trying to “get out of it” and started praying….but no…no, not I.

During our stay in this “whale motel”, my husband, saw what a miserable experience it was not following the call.  Our entire household suffered….not just me this time. This time, the captain of the ship took the lead and he led us straight back to the path which we were called to.  This time though, our earthly “king” (leader), took the lead he should have had to begin with.  So, with our captain in the drivers seat, and his captain on the throne which he belonged, we thus began our journey anew.  This time, doing two things: 1.) Putting the King on the throne that sits above all else, and 2.) Acknowledging that the KING’s timing, reigns above all circumstances.  Cue the ‘It  can ONLY be God’  river crossing….Our son is diagnosed with a language based learning disability.  He struggled with reading, writing, and spelling.  He still struggles sometimes, with those things.  Our circumstance is, was, and will be trumped by God’s timing.  We weren’t complaining, we weren’t standing at the river wondering what on Earth we were going to do.  Instead, we were standing by the river waiting on that wind to come and part it so we can enter into our ‘homeschool promised land’.

Was there a river in front of us? Yes.  Did the ‘world’ say that this ‘circumstance’ should make it far to difficult to effectively homeschool them? Sure.  Did we care? No, not at all.  Why? 3 reasons

1.) We knew that the ONLY way we will “make it” is by following God’s plan

2.) We knew that the ONLY provision we need is HIS

3.) We had a strong church, with strong leaders and great prayer warriors who took our cause to the throne of God just as often as we need help taking it.

It came and we crossed it. He is now 15 years old, reading on grade level, performing algebra skills I sometimes doubted he would ever understand, he has a knowledge and understanding of nature and the outdoors that most men 5 times his age possess. He has always been an old soul, but as he has grown that has become so much more apparent. Sometimes we are surprised by how far he has come, but then we remember it’s because we didn’t depend on our own abilities, knowledge, or understanding to educate him we depended on God to fill in every hole we could never have filled.

I know, that I have spiderwebbed in my homeschooling application, but really God’s word meets every circumstance.  There are no areas of life, that HIS word cannot be applied.  Did I stretch it a little? Yes, I suppose I did but “our daily bread” has a different recipe for each day.  I think it can also be said, that the recipe for my daily bread is not the same as the recipe for yours.  The basic point:  Make certain, that you’re getting your bread from the only bread giver who knows the recipe you need better than you do.


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