Whose Sword Is It Anyway?

It is an understood truth that Christians are infamous for beating people to death with the Bible (their carefully chosen verses).

It is something I don’t understand at all, they beat not only the “lost sinner” but also their fellow Christians. It has happened to me, I have seen it happen to others, I see it all around me in lots of forms everyday.

Everyone who knows me, knows I am the most staunch pro life supporter you may ever come into contact with……Once upon a time the OB said it will come down to you or the baby, I chose my baby at all costs.

It is clear that I feel very strongly about abortion. I make that no secret with my outspoken ways and by choosing not to do business with corporations (like Girl Scouts) because of their planned parenthood affiliations. I am as hard-nosed in the abortion debate as a person can possibly be, so what I am about to tell you may come as a shock.

Recently, a homeschool mom friend came to me and confessed that she had an abortion a few years ago.

She went on to tell me how her husband had abandoned her, she had two infants already and alone with no income in college……..she made the choice to end the pregnancy. She was obviously remorseful, she obviously was carrying within her body a very wounded soul. She went on to tell me how she has carried this in secret because of how terrified she is that people will judge and condemn her.

She said she lives every single day regretting that choice and she reflected on what a gut wrenching experience it was and is, because abortion is not something you do and then walk away and forget, abortion is a lifelong experience, not a one time medical procedure. When she finished speaking, she did something profound……… She stepped backward and flinched.

Why did she step backward? Why did she flinch?
It is simple, and I well knew the reason. She stepped back because she felt after her confession there would now be a separation, I would no longer hold her in the same esteem. She flinched as she prepared herself for the abuse she knew in her heart I would inflict as I raked her over the coals for making the decision to end the life of the baby in order to accommodate her situation. She was sure of the reaction because she has lived it before. Isn’t that sad?

A person who has just revealed their most secret sin, someone who is visibly shaken to their core by a poor decision they made in the past…..who relives it and rehashes it daily, who beat themselves up, now stands before you waiting for you to beat themup too. Why would she just assume that you would do this to her?

She expected it because we Christians are as notorious for spewing judgement as we are for speaking the word. I seized this opportunity. I didn’t miss a beat, I didn’t stand back in awe or judgement.

She had just shared her deepest hurt, with me the most pro life advocate in town, now she expected the worst. I said to her ” you are obviously very sorry for your choice, it obviously plagues you…..I don’t need to tell you how I feel about it you already know and of all the things I am known for there is one thing I am known not to do….I don’t shoot the injured”.

I think it was a mixture of relief and surprise that she exhaled. I think she had confused my look of sadness and hurt for one of anger and disgust…..I suppose furrowed brows are hard to read.
I challenge you now, evaluate the way you respond to others sin. Are you showing mercy? Or are you practicing judgment? Which sins do you detest the most? Where is your line in the sand? Draw that line……then take your foot and trample it. With sin there is no line in the sand, your sin of judgement is no better than their sin in whatever it is the other person has done.
Stop shooting the wounded, use the Word as healing balm. Every time you think you’d rather use it as a sword remember this…..

The word of God is more sharp than any double edged sword, capable of rending the soul separate from the body

Then ask yourself this……..whose sword exactly is it to wield? Is that your sword?


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