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Lorac Mega Pro Palette 50% Off

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Lorac Mega PRO Palette 4_4


Head on over to Ulta and grab the Lorac Mega Pro Palette for 50% off while supplies last today only! That brings the price from $59 down to $29.50!


  • Cotton (white matte)
  • Cherry Blossom (blush white matte)
  • Foam (cream shimmer)
  • Unicorn (light lavender shimmer)
  • Cool Taupe (ivory matte)
  • Flamingo (pink peach matte)
  • Honey (light gold shimmer)
  • Lotus (pink mauve shimmer)
  • Sugar Cookie (cool beige matte)
  • Light Sage (pale green matte)
  • Pearl Slate (rose silver shimmer)
  • Fairytale (lavender blue shimmer)
  • Butterscotch (light tan matte)
  • Oat (cool beige matte)
  • Moss (light green shimmer)
  • Misty Mauve (warm pewter shimmer)
  • Cedar (true brown matte)
  • Blackberry (deep plum matte)
  • Steel Wool (medium silver shimmer)
  • Silver Fox (soft chrome shimmer)
  • Mocha (light brown matte)
  • Spice (brick red matte)
  • Copper Pearl (gold copper shimmer)
  • Plum (purple mauve shimmer)
  • Denim (muted navy matte)
  • Mahogany (red brown matte)
  • Peacock (deep teal shimmer)
  • Vamp (purple charcoal shimmer)
  • Shadow (dark ash matte)
  • Dark Chocolate (deep brown matte)
  • Lagoon (dark blue green shimmer)
  • Raven (soft black shimmer)


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