Recapturing Hearts

God commanded Israel to give him 10 percent of all their first fruits. That is not very much to ask. What if we took that a step further though, what if….we tithed 10 percent of our TIME as well and gave it to our primary ministry…..our families.

What would happen if you devoted 2.45 hours each day to your husband and children (they are after all your first and primary ministry on Earth)?

Advent season has been upon us for a few weeks, what is advent season? It is the season of anticipation, a season we spend eagerly awaiting the birth of our Savior right? Yes…that’s right. I think we should take just a moment to reason together about this, because it really is much deeper than it seems on the surface.

Christ came down from heaven, he was born, so that he could recapture our hearts and reconcile us to him.

What if we took that 2.45 hours each day and used it to recapture the hearts of our spouse and children. What if we gave that time completely to our families, no distractions…..turn off the cell, turn off the iPad, turn off the Facebook and twitter. What would happen?
What if we used 1 hour of that time and gave it to our spouse and then the other 1.5 hours we devoted as a whole family doing something together that brings us closer together. Having dinner together, reading stories, making Jesse tree ornaments, bible readings for advent season, ordinary time, or Easter Season….there are endless possibilities. What if we did that?
What better season than now during advent to recapture the hearts of your family and reconcile ourselves to them, forsaking everything else.¬† Creating this new habit and carrying it through the rest of the year.¬†Sure you might have a good marriage, a great family life…..but could giving them that 2.5 extra hours each day really hurt???
Nobody ever ended up in marriage counseling complaining that their spouse gave them to much time and devotion.

Yanno, he just loves me to much…everyday he gives me an hour of undivided attention and he prays with me and over me….and SHE…SHE makes sure to make my favorite meals and turn off the cell phone and iPad and give me her undivided attention and she ALWAYS sits next to me during that hour…..

And nobody ever ends up in family counseling saying, well that 2.5 hours a day of undivided attention is just to much!

My parents they spend an hour together and then they spend an hour and a half with us, and we aren’t allowed to use cell phones during that time and we all have to eat dinner together and we have to talk and associate and make crafts and play games and one time……one time they even took me to see the Christmas lights!!!!! HOW DARE THEM!!!

What will happen, is you’ll find your family stronger, even if it was already strong.


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