Weightloss {A Lifestyle Change}

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We here at Frugal Frannie are not medical professionals, we cannot promise medical results, nor can we offer medical advice. Any and all risks incurred by trying this diet plan are those of the individual trying it. We speak only from personal experience,  Please consult a physician prior to making any dietary changes.

Every New Year’s Eve we make a resolution, and most years it’s the same one as last year: This will be the year we lose the weight we gained (with pregnancy, with depression, with being in love, with all the happy celebrations the past year has brought). 

Many years ago we were introduced to an eating plan that flies in the face of everything we ever thought was healthy or would produce weightlossThe McDougall Plan will cause you to rethink your entire dietary existence, it will leave you scratching your head, but more than anything it will leave you at a loss…..a weight loss.

Sounds too good to be true but more than 4 years of actually practicing it and seeing the results it produced not just in us but in our parents and other family members, the facts are undeniable: This plan works. 

Dr. Mcdougall (nor anyone else from The Mcdougall Plan) isn’t paying us, his company doesn’t even know we exist or that we would be reviewing this diet plan, the only “affiliate link” involved in this blog post is right here >>>The Mcdougall Plan Quick and Easy Cookbook <<< that’s it, nothing else.
So why would we review it? That answer is simple, we believe it works and we have seen the results in our own lives. We like to eat, we enjoy gathering around the table and taking a meal together as a family and with friends occasionally as well. We do not like to be hungry, that’s why this plan has worked so well for us. So here is our take;
Not only has the Mcdougall Plan resulted in weightloss for our family, it has also resulted in better health (lower cholesterol, lower blood sugars, less inflammation, and overall a general feeling of wellbeing).
We have watched our parents and other family members be able to stop taking medications they once couldn’t have made it without (cholesterol, blood pressure, and metformin) . We strive to bring you ideas, products, and plans that work for us, that we believe in, and that we think you will enjoy.  Try it, with approval from your doctor of course, for 12-24 days and see what happens. We tried it 12 days and now its a lifestyle, because we recognize that weightloss and health aren’t temporary diets that we yo-yo around with. We wanted “lifetime” results and years in we still see them. That’s why we are taking the time out to share it with you. It’s a $6.99 cookbook, or buy the actual book that explains in detail the entire diet plan here >>> The Mcdougall Plan <<  Okay that’s 2 affiliate links….so there we have it, our review and 2 links.
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