Weightloss {Mental Prep for the Plan}

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So here we are just a few days out from D-Day for operation Les Deux Gourmand go McDougall Plan. What are we doing? Gorging on all our favorite foods as we have one (okay maybe several) last hoorahs in prep for only eating plant based whole foods with no added fats or oils.  We’re southern so this idea has gripped our hearts with the fear that we will never (okay, for a year) eat good southern fatty foods again! Can we do this? Time will tell.

Tomorrow we will have one last sushi hoorah at our favorite (award winning world class) sushi restaurant, I (Les Deux Gourmand Wife) am slightly heartbroken at the idea that this may be the last time for a year that I will nosh on my favorite food (the shrimp tempura roll is my favorite). I’m committed though, I’ve gained 50# in 5 years and gone from size 3 to size 14 since marrying my husband. I will lose this weight in 2018 and I will do just as Frannie and her family have done and I will keep it off, this will not be another yo-yo this will be a total lifestyle change.  I am currently reading The Mcdougall Plan for Maximum Weightloss  and I’m seeing that maybe I will occasionally have a feast (after I’ve lost 15-20 pounds) but the feasts will be reserved for feastworthy occasions instead of following the typical western diet and feasting every meal everyday.  I feel confident that if I set goals and make the goals feastworthy (like losing the first 15 pounds) then on those days that I meet the goal I will have a small feast meal to celebrate and will get right back on plan the next meal.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Here’s to 2018-  Les Deux Gourmand


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