Weightloss {Loading}


Well here’s to one more loading day on the books.

Are you wondering what a “loading day” is?  For the uninitiated, the best way to explain it is we are eating everything in sight. We are loading on calories, fat, carbs, and every tasty thing we can find. Why would we do such a thing?  The idea is that if we satisfy every craving we normally face before we begin then we will be all set up to not crave that thing for a while— well that’s what we tell ourselves. The truth is that loading repairs fat reserves (bc they’re usually low in yo yo dieters like us), we’re not talking about the abnormal fat, we mean the healthy reserves that everyone needs in order to maintain energy when they begin a lower calorie diet.  To be clear though, The McDougall Plan is not a very low calorie diet. So why did we load? Because mentally we just needed to load to prepare for this new way of doing things.

So what IS the McDougall Diet? It is a plant based whole food diet that also is low in fat and completely dairy and meat free.  That’s right, no meat, no eggs, no cheese, no milk….none of the things we typically include in every meal, and no oils, butters, etc.

Here are a list of foods  on the DO NOT EAT LIST.

Don’t Eat:

Possible substitutes:

Cow’s Milk (for cereal or cooking) Lowfat soy milk, rice milk, fruit juice, water, use extra when cooking hot cereal or pour over cold cereal
Cow’s Milk (as beverage) None; drink water, juice, herb tea, or cereal beverages
Butter None
Cheese None; after 12 days you may substitute soy- and nut-based cheeses
Cottage cheese None; after 12 days you may substitute crumbled tofu
Yogurt None
Sour cream None
Ice cream Pure fruit sorbet, frozen juice bars; after 12 days you may substitute Lite Tofutti
Eggs (in cooking) Ener-G Egg Replacer
Eggs (for eating) None
Meat, poultry, fish Starchy vegetables, whole grains, pastas, and beans; after 12 days you may substitute tofu “meat” recipes
Mayonnaise Tofu mayonnaise
Vegetable oils (for pans) None; use Teflon, Silverstone, or silicone-coated (Baker’s Secret) pots and pans
Vegetable oils (in recipes) None; omit oil or replace with water, mashed banana, or applesauce for moisture
White rice (refined) Whole grain (brown) rice or other whole grains
White flour (refined) Whole grain flours
Refined and sugar-coated cereals Any acceptable hot or cold cereal
Coconut None
Chocolate Carob powder
Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and black teas Non-caffeinated herb tea, cereal beverages, hot water with lemon
Colas and un-colas Mineral water or seltzer (flavored or plain)

Some of these feel like deal breakers right? Guys, butter is like the main ingredient in every wonderful food there is and we can’t have it anymore!!! I’m kind of freaking out. I’m also freaking out because ribeye steak finished with a garlic rosemary butter is going to be off the menu for a long long time (it will be our feast day reserve meal 3-4 times per year). 

Here are the approved foods

Whole Grains Unrefined Flours Roots Winter Squash
Barley, Oats, Brown Rice, quinoi, buckwheat, rye, bulgur, triticale,couscous, wheatberries, wild rice, corn, and millet Barley, rice, buckwheat, rye, corn, soy, garbanzo beans, triticale, lima bean, wheat, oat, whole wheat pastry, potato


Burdock, sweet potato, celeriac, tapioca, Jerusalem artichoke, taro root, jicama, water chestnuts, parsnips, white potatoes, rutabaga, yams Butternut, acorn, hubbard, banana, pumpkin, buttercup, turban squash
Beans Lentils Peas Fruit
Aduki, red kindey, black, mung, fava, navy, garbanzo, pink, great northern, pinto, limas, white kidney (cannellini) Brown, red, green Black-eyed, split yellow, split green, whole green Any fruit as long as it is whole and unprocessed. Canned is okay as long as it is canned only in its natural juices and has no added sugars etc.
Any vegetable that is whole and unprocessed, canned is okay although it must have no added sugars or fats.


**Green and yellow vegetables are too low in calories to serve as the centerpiece of your meals, but can be added without restriction. Fruits – because they are high in simple sugars – should generally be limited to 3 servings a day as they’re tasty and easy to over-consume. The sugar in fruit is fructose which, for some, causes triglycerides and cholesterol to rise. People with these concerns should limit fruits even more. ***

We can eat as many vegetables as we like, as many servings of them as we like, and three servings of fruit per day. We will flood our systems with water and re-learn all the healthy habits our parents tried to teach us about eating all our veggies. It will be a challenge, but we’re up for it. We are ready to make this change and lose the weight in order to regain our health.  Two more days guys and then we begin.  1/1/18 is the first day of the rest of our healthy, long lives.

Here’s to 2018- Les Deux Gourmands


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