Day 1 Has Arrived { A McDougalling We Will Go}

Weigh In Stats
Le Gourmand Femme Weight : 176.2 pounds
Le Gourmand Homme Weight: 242.9 pounds

Day 1 arrived and we found ourselves unprepared. This morning Hubby woke at 5am to prepare for his workday and it was at this point we realized, no caffeine allowed! It’ll be okay we said, things will get easier it will just take a few days to adjust to no caffeine and a 5 am schedule.  He took off to work and I took off to prepare breakfast for the littles, then I remembered I didn’t go to the grocery store yesterday so no breakfast for me! What a way to start the McDougall Plan and the day right!?

I busied myself all day, therefore I did not eat until this evening at 7pm- which is a no no on McDougall.  I’m already making mistakes, but tomorrow is a new day and I’ll do better right? I went to the grocery, 4 kids in tow, and grabbed a ton of beans, lentils, rice, vegetable broth, and a few Boca burger packages to test. I felt like I had at least the right ingredients, so that was a slight success. I arrived home and started cooking my fannie off because hubby would be home just after 6.

Tonight’s Menu:

Boca Burger Patty

Long Grain and Wild Rice prepared with vegetable broth and water

Baked Sweet Potato


I placed the Boca patties on to a cast iron griddle and tossed those into the oven, no time to mess around flipping patties while I stirred rice and prepped the sweet potatoes and handled a toddler. I sprinkled them with garlic powder, Sauers Prime Rib seasoning, and salt, then cooked them first on 350 until I felt it was time to brown them was at hand and then I flipped it up to broil and browned them.  During this process my dear, sweet, loving, husband and children looked in and declared they looked gross.  This was a bit frustrating.

I prepped the rice with equal parts vegetable stock and water as the liquid portion. I did not use any butter or oil in the rice (even though it called for it). McDougall says no oils or fats, so that’s what we did.

I popped 6 large sweet potatoes into the microwave and sent them spinning. What we’d put in them I had no idea but we were eating them because I was starving and they were on the approved list.

The review:

The Boca Burgers (All American Chargrilled) were a hit, but we can’t eat those everyday of course because they do contain a small amount of fat. Hubby said they were meaty tasting, they weren’t nearly as bad as he feared they would be. The kids all ate theirs and said they liked them as well. For me, I thought they tasted potato like and almost bready so I dipped them in ketchup and that made it good. Everyone loved the rice, as expected. The kids ate their sweet potatoes with butter, we of course did not.  Hubby ate his sweet potato plain, meanwhile I stuffed mine with the rice which tasted buttery almost. Overall the meal was a success. We ate as much as we wanted, we did not feel bloated.  We just might make it through this initial period after all……

Write Day 1 down as a success for LesDeuxGourmand


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