Day 2 {A McDougalling We Will Go}


Dinner day 1 Boca Burger Patties, Sweet Potato, Long Grain and Wild Rice
Soaked the beans the night before for soup I am making today.

So there I was, 3 AM day two of Mcdougalling, starving to death because I had only had one meal yesterday. Normally on a diet this would be a dilemma because we would be counting calories and this 3 AM wake up would make a longer amount of awake time that those few calories must be divided across, lucky for me no calorie counting on Mcdougall Plan! So I tiptoed to the fridge and grabbed a leftover sweet potato and rice and warmed it up in the microwave.  Soon enough I was satisfied and ready to fall back asleep, belly full.

I woke again at 8:30 ready to start the day with the kids homeschooling and doing chores around the farm, I wasn’t really hungry for breakfast (probably bc of the 3am feeding frenzy) so I plowed through working on blog posts and feeding large animals until lunch. Last night I had put 16 bean mix in a bowl of water to soak and soften overnight so today at lunch I rinsed those and popped them into the kettle along with a wide variety of veggies (tomatoes, corn, onion, garlic, celery, potato, etc) and vegetable broth for soup this evening. For lunch I popped a couple sweet potatoes in for myself and the children (they’ll have rice and butter on theirs, I will top mine only with rice) and went about working again on this blogpost so I could keep track of how things are going on day two. Does anyone even read this? Sometimes I think not.

Veggie soup is under way. For the recipe just comment below!

This evening dinner will be a bowl of veggie soup (or ten because hey we can have as much as we want!) and the children will have cornbread or some other type of bread to go along with theirs. I feel like today is going much better because I had the forethought to plan ahead (I always function better with a plan).  So here’s to us! Another day on track with McDougall Plan!

Oh and on a side note I am making DESSERT this evening!! I can, preserve, and freeze alot of our own veggies and fruits from the garden so today I pulled out some foraged wild red raspberries and some peaches that are frozen and I am going to make a sorbet (I guess that’s what we’ll call it, I’m blitzing it in the ninja and then stirring it, no added sugar no added fat just pure whole sliced frozen fruit).  So yea, I think we’re gonna make it after all.

If you’re following along on this McDougall Adventure with us drop a comment. If you’d like to join us on the journey subscribe by email and we’ll share recipes, photos, and lots more.

Here’s to a Happy Healthy 2018 eating to live well and healthy.

Les Deux Gourmands


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