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Vegan “Sorbet” {McDougall Approved}

On The McDougall Plan all dairy, added sugar, oils, and fats are cut from the diet and everything must absolutely be plant based whole foods, but that doesn’t change the fact that we have a diehard sweet tooth. So what’s a sugarholic to do when the ice cream craving hits but you’re dedicated to staying on plan and losing the weight? Improvise of course!

To our Ninja we added

5 slices of peach we had peeled, frozen, and stored ourselves this summer. So we are fully confident in the fact that there is nothing added.

3 pineapple spears we cut ourselves and popped in the freezer today to harden

2 tablespoons of frozen raspberries, frozen by us again so that we can be sure of nothing added.

1 banana also frozen

3-4 table spoons rice milk

Directions:  Blitz it til it can be blitzed no more and looks alot like softened ice cream. We had to pop ours back in the freezer to firm up just a bit, be sure you stir it about once every 15-20 mins to make it smooth and more like ice cream if you also must do this.


Earlier in the day yesterday¬† for lunch when we didn’t have all the necessaries (read banana, rice milk, and pineapple) we simply blitzed together some raspberries and peaches we had frozen, and they were quite good although tangy.¬† Here are some pics from the peach raspberry blitz. We kinda forgot to take some with the second batch (which was much sweeter bc of the banana and rice milk).



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