Day 4 {A Mcdougalling We Go}

Day 4 came a bit later than usual, it is a cold blustery snow day here and so we chose to sleep in til 9 am. For the first time I (Femme) peeped at the scale this morning, I know it’s only day 4 but I couldn’t resist I had to know if I was losing anything at all.  Surprisingly, I’ve lost 1.4 pounds! Then hubby popped on the scale and he has lost 3 pounds! Isn’t that just like a man? This was just the encouragement I needed today because I felt off my game after not planning a proper meal yesterday for dinner.

The little boost of losing the pound was just what I needed to get me thinking about what I would cook today for us to eat for dinner (we ate leftovers for lunch). I am so missing Mexican food from our favorite place just down the street. With Mexican food in mind, I popped the pinto beans I soaked overnight last night into the pressure cooker with visions of vegan refried beans, rice,  taco spiced lentils, sprinkled heavily with nutritional yeast, diced tomato, and shredded lettuce dancing in my head.  Vegan Tacos for dinner, that’s where it’s at y’all! We can’t have taco shells of course because they are fried and are made of refined flour, which is not on the McDougall Plan, so we’ll be stuffing our tacos into baked potatoes or just eating them as taco bowls! For the kids we will wrap the in soft tortilla wraps.  I’m pretty stoked to try this, it’s a recipe I just kinda improvised on my own although I’m sure there are lentil taco recipes available online by the dozen.  Check out the recipes for the Vegan Re-fried Beans and Lentil Taco Mixture .

Here are our final results! We ate them as taco bowls!


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