Vegan Refried Beans

Hey guys! So I know you probably think refried beans are obviously vegan right? The fact is most of the time they aren’t, most recipes call for beef broth! So here’s our McDougall suitable version!

Soak a small bag of pinto beans overnight in enough water to cover them by 2-3 inches

Pressure cook them for 30 mins until they’re completely tender and ready to mash.

1 vidalia onion diced very finely

Vegetable Broth

2 cloves of  garlic crushed


In a deep sautee pan cover the bottom with vegetable broth, place onions and garlic in and “sautee” them until the onions are soft and translucent, DO NOT brown.  With a large slotted spoon transfer beans  to the sautee pan (some juice will come with them, that’s fine). Stir these together and begin to mash them, and if needed add another splash or two of vegetable broth (we use our Pampered Chef Mix and Chop) simmer them, just barely all the while stirring and mashing until they look like proper refried beans.

We also added




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