Day 5 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

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Day 5 arrived at its usual time, 5 AM, what did Les Gourmand Homme do first thing? Popped himself right onto the scale and declared he has lost 5 pounds! Here stand I, Femme, with only having lost 1.8 pounds in the last 5 days. Why do men have it so much easier? They can fast for one day and lose 10 pounds, we ladies could fast a week and only lose 5 it seems.  Such is our lot in life though I suppose and we must just roll with it.

Planning our evening meal for the family is underway now, we have so many leftovers in the fridge I think that I will pull all of those out and warm them up and present it buffet style.  Since we can eat all we want, as often as we want, from the foods on the approved list (and which I have cooked) I think that will work out just fine. So for dinner this evening we will have 16 bean soup, baked potatoes,  Lentil Tacos with Vegan Refried Beans, Vegan (no oil added) Hummus, and veggies chips to dip in aforementioned hummus.  Speaking of the hummus, I am going to share that recipe with you today! So be sure to check out the recipe tab up top!

Dessert, I miss it. I am finding ways though to get through the sugar withdrawal, such as the vegan sorbet, and for the last two days I have totally won the McDougall Plan with my dessert ideas.  We aren’t allowed to eat peanut butter of course because it’s full of oils and fat, McDougall says “The fat you eat is the fat you wear” so we have to keep that to the bare minimum and PB isn’t approved.  What I am about to tell you will totally change your life (if you didn’t know it existed already): There is a version of peanut butter that is dried and you reconstitute it with water (therefore fat is minimal), it’s called PB Fit (also pb powder is available from PB2 in both peanut butter and peanut butter+chocolate flavor, and from your favorite childhood memory brand JIF).  I chose PBFit because it was a larger container at a little bit lower price per ounce in my store. I have also in the past used PB2 and it was equally as good.

You may be wondering how I won the internet with dried peanut butter, but honey I have recipes that I just made up on a whim. (although I’m sure they’re not all unique to me) and I have to say, I think I won.  I’ll be sharing those later on the recipe tab, for now here are the nutrition facts for PBFit below! Be certain that when you’re trying to cut weight using a whole foods plant based diet like McDougall, you avoid fat as much as humanly possible. That means you read the labels and you self limit, here we each eat no more than 2 servings of this in a day, for a total of 4 tablespoons, 100 calories, and  only 3 grams of fat. 


* Always read nutrition labels yourself, prices and product info may change from time to time. 


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