Day 6 {A McDougalling We Will Go}


Homme is down 10 pounds y’all.  I, Femme, am at a loss (and kinda mad about it) of only 2 pounds so far. I think men have such an easier time losing weight than women do, it’s like their metabolisms run at three times the rate ours do. I’m pretty proud though that we’re sticking with this and losing weight! I read somewhere that in order to make something a habit it takes around 66 days. I feel like we just might make it! This just might work, it just may become as automatic as meat with every meal was!

Today is Saturday, usually Friday night, or Saturday,  Homme and I would have gone on a date. Almost always on the weekend we make time to go out together and share a great meal, almost always centered around meat (and almost always fat laden). I’m sad to say that we didn’t go on a date, because we had no idea what we should go do in the absence of food because food is truly our passion. I think we need to do some more research regarding foods that are on plan, we have such a basic understanding of the diet thus far and so we are being extremely strict with ourselves. We aren’t starving, we have no need to use portion control because we are sticking with foods that are on plan, but we miss the comforting habit of sharing a date each week. So if you’re ahead of us on this McDougall Plan life send us a shout out and let us know of some great foods from restaurants that are on plan!

Since we obviously aren’t going out I need to plan a meal for the evening. I will be home alone all day and will have baked potato for lunch with long grain brown and wild rice. For dinner I am at a total loss, so far we have had 16 bean soup, lentil tacos, boca burgers (which we now know are no no’s), and have eat from the leftovers a few times. I am feeling like I should make vegan chili, or maybe Taco Soup? Only time will tell what will appear on our plates this cold, snowy day.

Evening update forthcoming, check back after 7pm ET.


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