Homeschooling Boys {Holy Sandpaper}

Part 1 of 2

My son appears to be very calm, well behaved, and all those other words you use for really sweet kids, and he truly is a great, well behaved kid! There is this one little thing though, his brain, his brain operates like a boy brain and my brain does not. So, what does that mean? It means that I, mommy, need to work on remembering God created boys to be the way they are for a reason.

God made boys more active than little girls because he had a plan in mind. God’s plan for our boys is to grow up into strong leaders of their homes and communities! He designed them so that one day they would have enough energy to take on the role of husband, father, community leader and still have enough energy left to go out and work a job to support the family God gives him. He also designed your son especially for you, to sharpen you, refine you, mold you into the person he wants you to be. My son sharpens me daily…believe me!

Since we’ve established that our little guys are generally much more energetic and rambunctious than their sisters, let’s look at proven methods to make our homeschool days go better with them.

  • It is a truth that boys learn better after having used large muscle groups to exercise before sitting down to the tedious task of doing academic work, so be sure to figure something out to get those large muscles used and fatigued prior to trying to drill your son with academic work. Our son runs a mile every morning prior to sitting down to do school, it takes 7 minutes and it saves our day.
  • It is a truth that boys (and other more hyper kids) will learn more and better if they’re standing and able to freely move. Very often if I need my son to focus, I will have him stand on one leg.  I know it sounds silly, but standing on one leg is how the child memorized his multiplication tables, he needed to have his “fidgetyness” under control in order to focus and standing on one leg did that for him.  Allow your child free movement within reason, we’re not in a public school classroom- we have that freedom.
  • When they must sit down to do work, have them sit on a ball. Something about engaging the mind in balancing as well as focusing on the work at hand takes all the energy and channels it into the things they’re engaged in.

These are just three suggestions among the hundreds I could list if we had all night and day to chat about this.  Take heart though and know, your son is holy sandpaper and through him you’re being smoothed and refined into just the boy mama he needs.


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