Day 7 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

I am completely surprised to say that I, Femme, am now down another half pound in spite of the fact that I ate 3 pieces of toast (Dave’s Killer Bread) with Chocolate PBFit and Banana on them!  I truly thought that when I broke down and consumed the bread I had been avoiding since beginning the McDougall Plan I would gain some of the weight I have lost so far back.  Why? Because in the past when I have been low carbing (and yes I realize I’m not currently low carbing) and I ate bread, I would gain like 2 pounds overnight!

How do we , Femme and Homme, feel about the McDougall Plan Diet at the one week mark? 

It has been a major adjustment for us, we are Southerners who love our fried foods, meats, and butter….lots and lots of butter. At times this week it has been extremely difficult to find new ideas to try out because it seems almost all vegan recipes call for an oil, which as we know McDougall Plan says we cannot consume. There has been a lot of improvisation, several times we have had to omit ingredients such as oils, nuts, etc, but overall it has been a success we feel.  Going into week two we now know that we can add in the Dave’s Killer Bread occasionally to change things up, and we feel a little more secure in our knowledge of what to eat and avoid so we will be able to branch out a little further with recipe ideas.  We are excited by the weightloss we have experienced, the plan has flown in the face of every diet program we have ever tried with all the carbs and no portion control. It has been great to not be starving to death, nor to be stuck strictly to eating meats, eggs, and cheeses because carbohydrates are off plan.  Overall, we feel this is a plan that anyone with the right attitude can succeed with.

Day 7 Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Plans

Breakfast>>  Oatmeal with 1 tablespoon Maple Syrup (the syrup must be 100% pure maple)

Lunch >>  Baked Sweet Potato with Brown and Wild Rice, an apple

Dinner>> We will be attending a funeral this evening, so I am making dinner ahead! We will be having Vegan No Fat Minestrone (kinda…it’s my own take on it).  I’ll be placing the recipe for this under the Recipe’s tab on our menu at top. The soup will be accompanied by a baked white potato.



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