Day 8 { A McDougalling We Will Go}

We have arrived at day 8 going strong, feeling strong, and on this day decided to indulge ourselves in vegan sushi from our favorite sushi restaurant! I have read extensively and found that vegan sushi is actually on plan! Soy Sauce perhaps was not, but it is plant based and there is more research to be done on that end (we did still dip our sushi).  It was quite heavenly to find a way to have our weekly date and still remain on plan.

Next Friday is a declared feast day here, it is my birthday. Our plan since we began McDougalling has always been to “reserve the feasts for feast days”, which means we will eat the meat and the fats on those days which come so few and far between. The standard American diet has become a feast at every meal and so we are breaking that cycle and reserving the feasts for the days that are truly deserving, our birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.  This means we will eat meats and oils 9 times per year, all the other days we will observe a clean, vegan, fat free diet.  We feel confident that these few days of indulgence will not harm our diet nor resolve as we are fully committed to staying on plan all the other days of the year.

Weekly Weigh In 

Homme- Down by 13 pounds

Femme- Down by 8 pounds



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