Day 10 { A McDougalling We Will Go}

Day 10 has been a porch sitting kind of day,  60 degrees, warm, and almost downright balmy compared to the last three weeks negative temps. This day arrived early and went quickly with kids running amuck, animals needing tended, and appointments to get to.   Today on the scale, Homme is down 17 pounds!!!  I (Femme) am down around 10 pounds!  We are ecstatic with the results we are seeing.

After Homme announced his significant weight loss, I asked whether he felt this was mostly bloat/water weight loss or if he felt confident he was in fact losing “real” weight, could he tell it in his clothes?  He said his uniforms for work are getting loose!  Which is encouraging to me that perhaps the weight I am losing is real weight as well!  Right now on my own I feel that some (maybe even all?) the ten pounds could be bloat/water weight.  That’s okay though! I’ll take it because eventually these losses will mean for certain “real” loss of actual fat.

We (Femme and Homme) have come to believe that what McDougall says is actually true, “The fat you eat, is the fat you wear”.  We have exercised no portion control at all, we have simply adhered to the McDougall Plan approved foods, and we have not felt hungry or deprived at all.  We feel that with this plan is effective and that we are gaining back our health as we lose this weight.  Homme will have a doctor’s appointment soon at which his cholesterol will be measured and we will have a before and after comparison, so stay tuned!

Breakfast: Vegan PB Chocolate No Bake Cookie Oatmeal 

Lunch: Leftover Minestrone  with baked potato sprinkled with Nutritional Yeast and homemade jalapeno salt

Dinner: Baked potato with nutritional yeast and salt, pineapple, banana and chocolate pb2 on Dave’s Killer Bread

Snacks: Veggies and hummus


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