Day 12 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

Day 12 arrived with the sun beaming brightly across the mountains through the windows, warming the hardwoods floor and thawing the earth even more. It looked as if it would be a beautiful day but come lunch time it turned off cloudy and then the rain began to pour as if it were coming out of heaven’s great watering bucket.  Mud, everything is mud now. As much as I (Femme) hate the muddy wet winters here, I wouldn’t trade life on this homestead for anywhere else, because I know come late spring all the rain and mud will give a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and flowers of incomparable beauty. The warmth of the last few days will give-way to snow tonight, we are expecting a winter storm as is always customary for my birthday, every year since the year I came into this world has brought a beautiful white blanket of snow for my birthday.

Our plans for this day so far have included work outside in the rain and now will carry us away to athletic events for one of our children for the evening.  So that leaves the question, what will we do for dinner?  Since we’re still so new into this new way of eating and living I’m not entire sure where we can find “McDougally Approved” foods for dinner, and our “feast” meal for my birthday is not scheduled until tomorrow so we certainly will not splurge this evening in advance of that. It’s taking everything in me to get me to leave the house this evening at all, the rain is beating down hard luring me to towards a nap.  I think we will eat a bowl of cranberry beans and baked potato prior to leaving and will preserve ourselves for the feast day that will be tomorrow.


If you’re journeying along with us on the McDougall Plan or other whole food plant based, oil/fat free diet drop a comment and let us know how you’re doing!  Our weekly weigh in will be moved to tomorrow morning prior to the feast.



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