Day 13 & 14 part 1 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

Day 13 arrived sleepily with snow falling all around us but we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and go running around to celebrate my Birthday weekend. We had our feast on day 13 and I have a lot to say about that! I can tell that things, they are a changin.

The first portion of the birthday feast included sushi, a salad, and the clear soup that you usually find at Japanese restaurants. I chose not to veer too far off course for lunch and had 1 vegetable roll, 1 california roll (which had a miniscule amount of the crab in it), and 1 shrimp tempura roll (which had 1 shrimp that was tempura fried).  This was a relatively small step off plan and I felt okay about this lunch since it is a feast day. It was at dinner that things took a turn. I had been gifted an Outback gift card for Christmas and we decided that since we remained out running around all day we would have dinner out as well and utilize this gift card. Since it was a feast day we decided to indulge completely…..which might have been a mistake.  The following is what we dined on.

1 Blooming onion with sauce (which at the time was heavenly)

Baked potato soup – which was super rich and loaded with cheese and bacon

A ribeye (we all ordered a ribeye medium)

Fries and baked potato

Krispy Kreme donut instead of cake

Here’s what I can say, we feasted.  After two weeks with no meats and very minimal amounts of fat in our diet this meal tasted as rich as if we were eating straight butter. It was delicious, but it left a fatty oily taste in our mouths.  Today in fact on day 14, a whole day later I can still feel that fatty film although I’ve brushed my teeth three times since eating that meal.  It was a fantastic tasting meal, but it left us feeling a little bogged down and with a little bit of heartburn. Overall even though we wanted the meal, even though we enjoyed it thoroughly, it left us feeling not as well as our healthy whole food plant based diet has left us feeling.  Feasting is great, in the moment, and sometimes necessary, but we have a better understanding now than ever as to why the standard american diet is leaving so many people feeling so unwell. Today we find ourselves clogged up, bogged down, and heartburned. It will be at least a month before we indulge in any beef again, and when we do it will be made at home by us.  In the future, our indulgences will be more along the line of biweekly sushi dates for the vegetarian roll, we aren’t even tempted for meats now.


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