Day 14 { A Mcdougalling We Will Go}

We have resolved that meat is no longer a feast food.  After 2 weeks of eating extremely clean and fat free, we indulged as a feast for my (Femme’s) birthday and today all day long we have paid dearly.  The bloat that left us when we began to eat clean, came back with avengeance.  The bogged down feeling, cloudy headedness, and general feeling of just unhealthy gut come flooding back.  This makes us now more than ever believe that Dr. McDougall is exactly correct, meat must be taken off the menu if we are to lose weight and regain our health.

That said-  this evening I made vegan sushi!  It was FANTASTIC and I will include the recipe I followed as well as photos in the recipe section of the blog!  It was as good or perhaps even better than the sushi we have eaten at high dollar restaurants around the globe (and we’ve had sushi on 3 continents).

Tomorrow’s menu is set:

Breakfast: Fruit and Old Fashioned Oatmeal

Lunch: Soup Beans (Pinto Beans) and “fried” (not really) potatoes

Dinner: leftovers and rush out the door to basketball!


We hope you’re following along with us! Be sure to check out the Recipe tag found at the top of the homepage of this blog to find amazing vegan recipes that we have tried and found true.


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