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Vegan Sushi diy {It isn’t that hard!}

On the third try with vegan avocado cucumber sushi roll we think we nailed it!

It’s no secret, sushi is our jam! We have been sushi addicts for years and thought we probably would have to give that up in order to lose weight, but not on the McDougall Plan! Rice and all vegetables are McDougall approved so we are still in it to win it y’all! I had never, ever, tried my hand at making sushi so I was a bit surprised how well it turned out when I decided to try it (sans any real recipe) just using familiar sushi flavors and my memory for how it should look and taste.  Here is how I made cucumber avacado roll, with no real idea how and no recipe to follow, from memory.

Cucumber Avocado Heaven Roll

You will need:

  • 1 English Cucumber
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1.5 c SUSHI Rice (it HAS to be sushi rice y’all)
  • 2 cups water
  • Spiced Sushi Vinegar (found along side all the other sushi making supplies)
  • 1 pkg Nori (The seaweed wrap)
  • Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
  • 1 Sushi Rolling Mat (can be found for just a dollar or two)
  • Plastic Wrap
  • A long torchierre style lighter

1. Make the rice according to your package instructions.  We recommend true sushi rice, especially for first timers.

2. While the rice is still hot place your thumb over the Sushi Vinegar opening so it does not come out too fast and  sprinkle  it lightly over the sushi rice and use a wooden spatula to stir it in.

3. We then turn our rice out onto a cookie sheet and spread it out into a layer to cool quickly (because we don’t have time to waste ya’ll, we are busy busy busy)

4. Open the pack of Nori and isolate 1 sheet.  Holding it by 1 corner use the torchierre flame to begin toasting the nori (EVEN if it says it is already toasted, this will bring out a better flavor). Run the flame across the nori several times all over being sure not to catch it on fire, on both sides.

5. Prepare your sushi mat by wrapping it with plastic wrap so the rice will not stick to it.

6. While the rice cools and the nori rests, peel the cucumber and spoon out the avocado trying to keep the avocado as intact as possible.

7. Once the cucumber is peeled cut it in half and remove the seeds.

8. Cut the cucumber into almost paper thin long strips the width of the cucumber and lay them aside to be julienned.

9. Grab the long thin strips of cucumber and slice them julienne style into very thin slivers.  We cut them down lengthwise to be more manageable and stack them to slice into the slivers.

10. Slice the avocado into long slivers about the size of your pinkey finger tip in diameter.

11. Spread the rice thinly onto the prepared sushi roll mat being sure not to start at the very edge, go inward on the mat at least 1.5 inches or so, pressing it down to thin and spread it into an even rectangular layer slightly larger than your nori sheet in width and length.

12. Using the Maldon Sea Salt flakes pick up a pinch and crush it as you sprinkle it lightly across the entirety of the rice.

13. Place the Nori onto the salted rice and lightly press down.

14. Grab the slivered cucumbers and begin to place them neatly onto the nori about 1.5 inches in from the edge of the nori.  You’ll want enough cucumbers to make a finished diameter of cucumber a little greater than the size of your thumb once it’s rolled.

15. Place slices of the avocado along side the cucumbers.  You’ll want the finished diameter of the avocado to be about the size of your pinky finger.

16.  Using the sushi mat begin to roll it up, you’ll also have to use your fingers to get the roll started once you have rolled the mat towards the center. As you wrap using the sushi mat will become easier to lay across and use it to tighten the roll.  See photo below.

In the photo shown below we added imitation crab meat in a roll made for a friend who was visiting and requested a California roll.  So if you would like to modify the recipe to have a California roll, that is all you’d need to add is a piece of imitation crab meat about the size of your ring finger.

This is the very first roll we attempted, a California Roll for a visiting friend. By the third roll we think we nailed it!

Our process photos

Maldon Sea Salt


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