Day 15 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

I (Femme) made vegan sushi for the 3 littles and myself  for lunch, Homme asked me to make a Vegan Shakeology shake for him for lunch since he was in a rush on his way to work. Later in the day we had pinto beans and then for a snack just before bed I had a rice cake with pb2 chocolate.  I feel like we are easing back onto the correct path after our crash and burn birthday feast weekend (which by the way my gut is still aching because of….note to self, NEVER eat meat again).

Tomorrow I will be trying out some new recipes!  I am quite excited about them and once they’ve been Les Deux Gourmand approved I will share them all.  Here is the rundown for tomorrow’s test recipe set!

Breakfast: Fruit

Lunch:  Buffalo Cauliflower Bites and “Not” Fried Potato Cakes

Dinner: Herbed Fingerling Potatoes and soup beans

Snack: fruit


I’m looking most forward to the potato cakes because I plan to dip them in ketchup and pray they taste fried haha!  I am die hard southern guys, this no fried foods and no oils or fats business has been hard on me!  Catch ya tomorrow!


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