Day 17 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

Today we talked about the changes we have experienced (other than weightloss) since beginning the McDougall Plan.  Since becoming a solely plant based whole foods consuming family we have spent significantly less money on food, Homme reports he no longer experiences heartburn, we are significantly less bloated, and Homme reports that he no longer is having the chronic headaches he once suffered.

Today’s Meals

Breakfast: Homme and the tweens had Shakeology Shakes and fruit

Lunch: Homme and I shared a homemade sushi roll + Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower

Dinner:  Pinto Beans and “Not” Fried Potatoes

Dessert:  Yall, I am going to tag a recipe here for my OUTTA THE BALL PARK APPLE CRISP, you have to try this!

We are excited, which is a good thing, each new day brings us another day closer to the weight loss goals and to healthier bodies for the future!  If you’re coming along on this journey with us drop a comment below!


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