Day 18 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

Well today didn’t start great! We overslept, had to rush to start the soup for supper, and n rush around trying to get all of the chores done before we had to leave the house for an afternoon appointment. Things just were not going our way today, really for the last 2 days, as far as getting all the chores done around the homeplace. I started the soup just before we left and thankfully have big kids who can keep an eye on things and stir the soup at appropriate intervals. So off we went!


Breakfast:  Rice Cake with PB2 and an apple

Lunch: skipped it because we were tied up at the appointment

Dinner: Veggie Soup  (garlic, onions, potato, celery, carrot, whole kernel corn, home canned tomatoes, vegetable broth, salt, red pepper flakes, creamstyle corn)

While we were out all afternoon it was so tempting to break over and cheat on our vegan eating plan. We passed by so many wonderful restaurants and diners! Each one we passed we named the thing we loved when we used to dine at them and each time I would tell Homme— “It’s not worth my health”. So I’m feeling empowered, I defeated my cravings with willpower!

We arrived home around 5:00pm and walked through the door to the homey, wonderful, smell of soup bubbling away on the stove. The big kids had straightened the house (Thank you Jesus!). So in we came to a nice fire warmed house, to fill our bellies with the soup I started before I left.  If I hadn’t had big kids staying home today I probably would have started it on the stove top then transferred it to the slow cooker prior to leaving home (so that’s a hint for you!)


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