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Day 19 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

The last three days have not been our day! We are eating fine, but everything else is just going wrong wrong wrong.  Do you ever have stretches like that? Times when it all seems to be going wrong and all you really want is some comfort food? A Donut? A Steak and a buttery baked potato?  I know that isn’t a healthy thought process, believe me I’m well aware of it!  Nevertheless the thoughts do come and I have to make a choice, so far I am choosing to stay on plan but days like the last three days make me want a big mac and fries haha!! Why? Because they are days when I can’t just be at home, I’m constantly running like a chicken with my head cut off and feather’s are flying.  Writing to you (whoever you are??) helps keep me straight, when I want to cheat I remember that I have to write it all down here for you and that makes me want to stay legit and stick to the plan. I’m about to be off again for yet another afternoon (330-10pm) running around fulfilling obligations, when all I really wanna do is stay home and figure out ways to make great food that is on plan.  Oh well, there’ll be time for that tomorrow!  If you’re following along with me, please drop a comment I could really use some encouragement.

ALSO-  We (the team) made a facebook page and group JUST for this journey! Come join us there!  I’d really like to interact with you!

Page>> Vegan Recipes from Frugal Frannie

Group>> Frugally McDougall Vegan Living


Femme the Frugal Vegan


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