Day 20 {A McDougalling We Go}

Day 20 has been the best day this week! I (Femme) stepped onto the scale to find a TWO POUND WEIGHT LOSS!!!!  That 2 pound loss takes me to a 13 pound loss total!!! Just when I become discouraged, I find the motivation to keep going!  Homme checked out his weightloss for the last 20 days, he has lost TWENTY FIVE POUNDS!  I am of course more than a little miffed that Homme lost almost twice as much weight as I did, but isn’t that just like a man? They have all the advantages when it comes to weightloss don’t they?  Still! I am MORE than satisfied with my outcome.  I am going for a goal weight of 135-140, so I still have quite a way to go but I’m thrilled today to be making progress!

For breakfast today I had 1/4 cup dry oatmeal cooked with 1/2 cup water, and 1 piece of Dave’s Killer Bread.  Guys, if you’re not familiar with Dave’s Killer Bread you should be! This whole grain bread is one worth eating and it is by far the best tasting whole grain bread we’ve ever eaten!  Try it! You won’t be sorry!

For dinner?? That’s still a matter to be determined. We are craving sushi (but we really need to stop eating avocado because avocado is full of fat and we are cutting fats), so I’m going to have to come up with an improvised sushi recipe that doesn’t include any avocado at all and yet is still creamy.  We don’t consume soy (tofu) often at all because of it’s estrogenic effects in the body, so this is going to be a challenge!  It’s one I feel up for though, I’ve been killing it on making up recipes lately!  Have you tried any of the recipes I have shared? If so drop a comment and let me know!


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