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Day 24 {A McDougalling We Go}

Did you miss us? We didn’t write for a few days as we combatted the busyness of life, kids, and homesteading! The good news is we stayed right on track with eating and the losses are continuing!  We can’t speak highly enough of this new way of eating.  Do we miss meat? Yes sometimes we do! One day last week though we broke over and had some dairy and paid a heavy price.  It is absolutely amazing to us how once we detoxed our bodies from all the junk, now our bodies reject the junk and make us feel terrible when we “treat” ourselves to it.  Needless to say that “treat” was quickly realized not to be one at all because of the heavy price we paid with sickness all night.  We are coming along, our mental processes are changing and we are seeing that the things we once considered wonderful were actually making us feel awful and we didn’t even realize the cause.

Yesterday I made sushi again and it was heavenly! This time though I didn’t just make cucumber avacado roll, I also made rolls with lobster and oyster mushroom and a dessert roll with apple and mango!  I’ll drop the recipes in the recipe section of the blog!

How are you doing? Are you following through on that New Year’s Resolution to lose the weight this year?  January is always the “easiest” month to keep it going, we’re here for you though! This is all new to us and we want to offer our support to you and to feel yours surround us.  Drop a comment if you’re journeying towards health with us!


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