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Day 28 {A McDougalling We Go}

Well here we are 4 full weeks into this vegan journey!  We have lost a combined total of 43 pounds!!!  I (Femme) have lost 18 pounds and Homme has lost 25 pounds! We are feeling healthier, less bloated, our cholesterol numbers have been cut in half! Whereas once we were on the track towards heart disease, diabetes, and early graves….NOW we are on track to live long, happy, and healthy lives!

Today was a hard day, one of our kids is being bullied and it has been a very very long difficult day dealing with that.  My first thought was, I just want to eat these emotions.  I didn’t realize until we started this journey just how many emotions I have been eating over the last 10 years! I am a work in progress, but everyday I am making the choice to deal with the difficulties of life without turning to food!

Tomorrow our menu will consist of

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Vegan Chili

Dinner: Vegan Sushi! (it’s our all time favorite!)

We will be spending the upcoming week trying new recipes and hope to have several successful ones to share with you soon!


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