Come join us! {We’re Building A Homeschool Lifestyle Community}

Come join us on our facebook community! We are on the grow! 

 It has long been our motto that on every journey there are people ahead of, beside, and behind you. Our goal is to help bring those forward who are behind us struggling, to cheer on those who are beside us, and to follow in the great footsteps of those who are successfully ahead of us.

We felt the need for a community in which we could uplift, support, and encourage one another along this long and winding homeschool path we have in common.  Check us out here >>>Frugal Frannie Homeschools<<<<  We hope across the next several months to grow into a thriving community of like minded homeschool parents, sharing and caring, helping one another along this path.

The community will focus on the very eclectic homeschooling lifestyles of its members, and will be an open forum for all members to vent, ask questions, make suggestions, offer tips, and encouragement.

We so hope you’ll join us! >>>here on Frugal Frannie Homeschools 


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