Freebie Friday {Homeschool Edition}

Keepin’ it Frugal and Free is how we make the Frugal Frannie Homeschool World Go Round! 

You know we love FREE! Homeschool freebies abound this month, check out this roundup we’ve compiled to share with you mama!

Three freebies for your younger student! 

  1. Your elementary students can learn how to type with these free keyboarding games!
  • Need a freebie to help your student study for the spelling lists you’ve compiled? Or maybe you need help compiling spelling lists? Try VocabularySpellingCity out for FREE!
  • Phonics, it can be a challenge and failing at teaching your little to read is the stuff homeschool mom nightmares are made of. Never fear, check out these free phonics games, they’ll help your little retain the concepts you’re teaching (and they’re fun so it doesn’t seem like learning).

Freebies for your older student {Middle-High School}

  • High school transcript keeping can be as stressful as teaching them to read! Am I right? Check out this High School Transcript Keeper freebie! Available both as a PDF and Word document. Afraid you’re not giving them the classes and credits they need? Check out this FREE high school credit planner too!
  • Worried about prepping your child for the SAT? Then this free SAT resource is for you!


Miscellaneous Freebies for All Levels (and MOM too)

  • Grab free worksheets here for any subject/grade level!
  • Are you a planner by nature? or Do you struggle with lesson planning?This free homeschool lesson planner is perfect for you either way! 
  • Writing, like reading, can be a struggle for homeschool parents. We often worry about whether we are meeting the mark in teaching writing skills to our children. That’s where this free writing test  comes in! This test will help you determine whether your child is in need of remediation, is on target, or is far ahead! 

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