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How this meat loving couple went vegan….and started living it, not just eating it.

The truth of the matter has been that the first few weeks of transitioning from a prime rib eating, barbeque loving, cheeseburger fiends, to vegan has been at times a little difficult. The night before the big day we “started” going vegan, we gorged ourselves on prime rib and roasted potatoes, and it was heavenly. The very first day of not eating meat wasn’t that easy and we couldn’t really understand why, because we’d gone a day or two before without eating meat and it was no biggie, so why this time did we find it more difficult?  I think it’s because we knew….we knew that this wasn’t just a day or two and it wouldn’t be even just a week or two, we were changing our entire lifestyle and we were scared.

Why on earth would someone be afraid of going vegan? Well, becoming vegan when you’ve always been a meat loving omnivore makes you think of all that fantastic steak, fish, big mac, and all the other junk you used to eat and it hits you pretty hard that you’ll never eat those again. Now, that’s not all that hard for those who have some type of moral reason for stopping their consumption of meat, or for those who have always been kind of against eating meat but are just now taking the plunge.  Neither of those two things were our motivation…..yet.

At the beginning of this transition we merely wanted to lose weight, it was purely selfish motivation that led us to begin to follow the McDougall Plan and we’re not ashamed to admit that.  Most of the time humans do act because of selfish motivations, that’s just life. During those first weeks it was hard and we fought the urge to “break” quite often, but as weeks have worn on and we have created recipes and discovered recipes others created that we absolutely love it has become much easier to stop focusing on what we miss and think about all the things we love about what we’re doing.  When we stopped focusing so much on ourselves we were able to make time to do some research about meats, fish, eggs, and dairy, and what we found solidified our commitment to stop eating it.  That was a turning point for us.

No going back, now that we’ve seen the conditions of animals being mass raised for meat.  We’re not talking about you small farmer, we know you’re just doing what you do and those animals in small herds are well cared for… we’re talking about the mass producers who could care absolutely less for the wellbeing of their stock. No turning back now that we know that over 90% of meat is contaminated by feces,and  that dead animal flesh causes diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  How could we crave something that was literally killing us?  How could we turn back to drinking and eating dairy after finally hitting the realization that we wouldn’t feed our babies dog milk, nor rat milk……we weren’t designed to drink the milk of other animals. We were brainwashed… our own government.  It’s like we lived 30+ years wearing a blindfold and it’s finally been removed, what has been seen cannot be unseen.  So yea, it was hard and we we only started this journey for selfish reasons but now we’re full on dedicated to finishing it for noble ones.


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