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Day 42 {A McDougalling We Will Go}+Recipe

It’s been a few days since we last updated you! We are excited to report that we have lost nearly 60 pounds between the two of us! This is so encouraging, everyday, more and more, we lose the desire to go back to the way we ate before.  We have been slaying at recipes and eating! I’m going to attach the recipe for Vegan Oil Free Strawberry Crumble to this blog post just below it, be sure to test it out!

Our health benefits continue and we are seeing more and more as time goes by.  I’ve noticed that Homme’s skin is looking younger! Not that he looked old before but you can see a visible difference in before photos and after ones, his face seems to be less ruddy and more healthy glow!  I’ve noticed also that my hormones seem to be regulating themselves and I am experiencing less and less hormonal issues each month! It is absolutely amazing what whole food plant based, oil free eating has been doing for our health…..we just cant sing its praises enough!  Off we go, will update all the recipe section this evening and tomorrow~keep an eye on it~

Vegan Oil Free Strawberry Crumble


  • 1 pkg strawberries (about 1 pound to 1.5 pounds)
  • 2tbsp cane sugar (we used Bob’s Redmill)


  • 1.25c Old Fashioned Oats
  • 2 tbsp cane sugar


Wash, Cap, and Slice the strawberries into a small pyrex baking dish.  Sprinkle 2 tbsp cane sugar over.

In a separate bowl add oatmeal, 2tbsp sugar, and a generous splash of water. Stir to create a crumble texture topping. Place this atop strawberry filling.

Bake at 350 for 30-40 min until the crumble top goes golden and crisp.


****If you’re not in cutting (weightloss) phase, you may enjoy this alamode with coconut non dairy ice cream in vanilla bean flavor****



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