Day 46 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

Still going strong….and a new and surprising benefit has been discovered.  We aren’t totally convinced that this benefit is solely related to the diet change however it did coincidentally not occur until the diet change did.  Homme’s eyesight is improved! He saw the ophthalmologist today and his prescription has changed, for the better! This was a little shocking to say the least since he is well over 50 years old and we did not expect his vision to improve but to worsen with age.  Now we are researching whether diet and obesity may have an impact on vision which can be reversed by diet change.

We are now down nearly 60 pounds combined! It never ceases to amaze us when we see the losses despite the only changes we have made are stopping animal products and use of oils and fats! We have not exercised at all beyond normal daily routine of doing life.  This weightloss has literally been stunning when we consider that prior to this we worked tirelessly to lose weight, only to regain it almost immediately upon changing diet.  During the course of this diet there have been two or three times that we have “backslid” and dined on meat, but we have not gained weight back because when we did slip we got right back on track with the meal plan the very next meal.  This going vegan thing has changed our entire lives, it has flown in the face of all the fad diets we once followed, and it has forever changed how we feel about eating.  We are beyond thankful and satisfied with our results thus far.  We still plan to lose another 40 pounds or so between the two of us, and then we will enter maintenance phase during which we will still eat whole plant based foods but will allow ourselves more plants like avocado and nuts which have naturally occurring plant based fats.


Femme and Homme


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