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Image result for sonicare essence toothbrush
SCORE SONICARE TOOTHBRUSHES AT $7.01 EACH!!! Here are the links and the breakdown!!!
Sonicare Essence Rechargeable Toothbrush is on sale TODAY for $24.99
USE CODES LOVE30 and HOME10 to save big, You will need to add a FILLER item like this BIG ONE WASH CLOTH to get to the $50 minimum to apply the savings codes.
Then submit for the MAIL IN REBATE $5 FOR EACH toothbrush (up to 5 rebates per household) PLUS get $5 kohls cash for pickup in store and free pickup in store to bring your savings even higher!
Total cost after USING your Kohls Card to get the maximum savings with ALL rebates, codes, and kohls cash+ free instore pickup
$7 per tooth brush! Here is the breakdown!

Subtotal 52.47
Bring it to 31.50
-10.00 in rebates
– 5.00 Kohls Cash for choosing in store pickup
total 16.50
subtract 2.47 cost of wash cloth
each tooth brush is $7.01
That s a deal you don’t want to MISS!!!! REMEMBER TO CHOOSE IN STORE PICKUP!!!!

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