Day 61{A McDougalling We Will Go & a good report}

*We are not medical professionals, we do not advocate changing any diet or medication regime without consulting your medical provider. The results you will read about in this blogpost are our own experience and are not a guarantee that you will experience the same.

Here we are at the beginning of month three weightloss journey! Cumulatively Homme and I (Femme) have lost over 60 pounds! We are still going strong and are creating new recipes nearly everyday that will keep us on plan and well fed! We are still seeing the health benefits for ourselves but we have a unique report to bring regarding one of our kiddos as well!

One of our children is prediabeic, Kendy is not an obese child, nor is she a lazy child so make no mistake this was not a typical presentation.  Kendy has been being followed for several years by a pediatric endocrinologist from a large university, and has been taking Metformin ER 500 mg for 3 years (she is now 11 years old). Last week we had our 3 month visit with the pediatric endocrinologist, when she came into the room and pulled up the labs drawn the day or so before the visit she stood in total shock. Immediately she looked at me and asked exactly what had I been doing to bring her numbers to such amazing levels, and how had we managed to stabilize everything so quickly (shed seen us in December).  I told the doctor we’d made a radical lifestyle change and paused. The doctor looked at me expectantly…..I could see she clearly thought we had started working out, perhaps a ketogenic diet, or even low carb lifestyle. I spilled about the lifestyle change and the vegan, oil free, lifestyle.  The doctor’s mouth was agape! She was shocked.  The doctor said that she previously had read peer reviewed studies just in the last few weeks which indicated that a plant based whole foods oil free eating would produce these results but had never been confronted with the physical evidence of it in her own practice. We were a first for her. She told us “This is working, her numbers are amazing, do you want to stop the MetFormin?” to which I responded let’s wait 3 more months and see if the trend continues.  I know that it will, but the careful mom in me says let’s just make sure.

So there we have it! Every single member of our family is experiencing health benefits and this is the icing on the cake!


Femme and Homme


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