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Oil Free Sweet Dijon Dressing {and a weightloss update}

Weightloss Update:  We are now down 70 pounds combined in 4 months!



The major life adjustment of becoming vegan after having previously lived an extremely carnivorous lifestyle (cue images of Brazilian Churrascarias) has been at times difficult; it is the move to oil free that has proven the most difficult.  It’s easy to find a variety of fruits and vegetables with which to make wonderful flavorful meals, it is however not easy to find oil free vegan dressings to drizzle across all those flavorful foods.  Prior to going vegan and oil free honey mustard dressing was one of our favorites, but that contains mayo which is neither vegan nor oil free.  This week, with a hankering that just wouldn’t go away, we found the perfect formula for a vegan and oil free sweet dijon dressing.


  • Pure Maple Syrup
  • Dijon Mustard

This is really a matter of taste, but we’ve found the “perfect” ration to be 2:1 maple to dijon.  Our suggestion is to make this on an as needed basis since it contains no preservatives and may not keep for long periods.

This dressing has become our new go to for salads, dipping raw veggies, and for dipping our famous roast potatoes into.   Hey, this can even be used by non vegans as a glaze for a wonderful ham!  We don’t eat meat, but whatever floats your boat!


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