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Oil Free Vegan Spring Rolls

Aside from vegan sushi, vegan spring rolls are performing well on our current menu. Check them out above! Are we fancy or what? Just look at that plate.

What you’ll need:

Spring Roll Wraps



Sushi Rice (we use Nishiki)


And any other raw veggie you love and can slice thinly ❤️.

Prepare the rice and cool

Slice all your veggies thinly

Soak your spring roll wrapper in cold water (one at a time) for 10-15 seconds. Place on a tea towel and wait for just a few more seconds. Check pliability.

Place the veggies and rice inside and roll up burrito style.

We serve ours with homemade eel and gyoza sauce as well as wasabi.

Bon Apetit


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