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Vegan Meringue

Who would have ever imagined that if you poured the juice from around a can of chickpeas into a bowl and whisked it on high for several minutes that it would turn into the creamiest fluffy meringue you ever did see? Not us! But it totally does! We have baked it a 225 for an… Continue reading Vegan Meringue

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Farmhouse Kitchen Island DIY Update

We started with this giveaway 24 inch tall piece.  We finished with this 42" tall kitchen island with ebony top.  We used unconventional methods (we will detail those in the step by step) to distress and then added hammered black spade pulls.  Stay tuned for the step by step and cost breakdown later this evening. 

Frugal Living, Recipes, Weightloss

Oil Free Sweet Dijon Dressing {and a weightloss update}

It's easy to find a variety of fruits and vegetables with which to make wonderful flavorful meals, it is however not easy to find oil free vegan dressings to drizzle across all those flavorful foods.

Frugal Living, Recipes, Weightloss

Vegan Lowcountry Boil

One of our favorite meals prior to going on the McDougall Plan was a good lowcountry boil.  What could be better than seafood, sausage, potatoes, onion, and corn on the cob all boiled together with good ol' Old Bay Seasoning?  Not much, that's what!  So when we decided to go on this oil-free vegan meal plan we knew we were giving that up.....until now!  Check out our Vegan Lowcountry Boil below!