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Farmhouse Kitchen Island DIY Update

We started with this giveaway 24 inch tall piece.  We finished with this 42" tall kitchen island with ebony top.  We used unconventional methods (we will detail those in the step by step) to distress and then added hammered black spade pulls.  Stay tuned for the step by step and cost breakdown later this evening. 


Livestock Containment on the Farmstead

One of the many areas new homesteaders and farmsteaders must prepare prior to purchasing livestock is a containment area. I've seen it time and time again a new homesteader rushes out to purchase livestock (usually horses or goats) without thought as to how best to safely contain these animals. With horses especially you must be particularly careful, they are very large animals and yet very fragile. Here are recommendations for temporary containment, which is especially useful for rotational grazing .