How I Use Groupon {Hack My Homeschool}

Let me share with you how I found an unlikely source to hack my homeschool.


Day 9 { A McDougalling We Will Go}

Today was a long, long day.  It has warmed up here on the homestead slightly, after weeks on end of sub zero temperatures, and that means there were outdoor chores to be done.  We don't belong to a gym of any sort, we get our cardio here on the homestead tending to the animals and… Continue reading Day 9 { A McDougalling We Will Go}


Homeschooling Boys {Holy Sandpaper}

He also designed your son especially for you, to sharpen you, refine you, mold you into the person he wants you to be. My son sharpens me daily...believe me!


The Cake Is Beautiful, But The Kitchen’s A Mess!

You're just seeing the icing my friends, the icing on the cake.... A snapshot. You aren't seeing the mess made all over the kitchen to make that cake, nor are you seeing it after its been cut, smeared all over plates, dropped in the floor and eventually washed down the sink.