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Oil Free Vegan Spring Rolls

Aside from vegan sushi, vegan spring rolls are performing well on our current menu. Check them out above! Are we fancy or what? Just look at that plate. What you'll need: Spring Roll Wraps Water Avocado Sushi Rice (we use Nishiki) Cucumber And any other raw veggie you love and can slice thinly ❤️. Prepare… Continue reading Oil Free Vegan Spring Rolls


Why are we trying to sprint through a Marathon?

Dear Mom, let's talk about how hard this whole homeschooling thing is sometimes.  Our kids can be rotten, our days go totally wrong, and we feel as though we are utterly failing at both momming and homeschooling. Can you identify with the previous statement? Boy we sure can! It's hard, but aren't most rewarding things… Continue reading Why are we trying to sprint through a Marathon?


Freebie Friday {Homeschool Edition}

Keepin' it Frugal and Free is how we make the Frugal Frannie Homeschool World Go Round! 


Come join us! {We’re Building A Homeschool Lifestyle Community}

It has long been our motto that on every journey there are people ahead of, beside, and behind you. Our goal is to help bring those forward who are behind us struggling, to cheer on those who are beside us, and to follow in the great footsteps of those who are successfully ahead of us.

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Homeschooling Valentine’s Day {Free Printables}

Here are a few FREE Valentine's Day activities, gathered up by me to save you time!