Here we are again, for a total reboot after failing in 2018. 4 people 2 adults 2kiddos planning to go for it and make it more manageable this time because we know it has to work. We began on 1/1/2019 and we are getting our oil free vegan feet back under us slowly this time.… Continue reading

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Oil Free Vegan “Cinnamon Roll” Spread

Les Deux Gourmand signature cinnamon roll spread.


Oil Free Italian Corn Caviar

We love pasta salad, but we aren't fans of the effects that pasta bring along with it, so tonight I (Femme) decided to create a version using only veggies and my recipes for oil free dressing. Check this out, give it a try, you'll thank us! Italian Corn Caviar Salad 2 cans whole kernel corn… Continue reading Oil Free Italian Corn Caviar

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Day 24 {A McDougalling We Go}

We are coming along, our mental processes are changing and we are seeing that the things we once considered wonderful were actually making us feel awful and we didn't even realize the cause.

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Day 19 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

The last three days have not been our day! We are eating fine, but everything else is just going wrong wrong wrong.  Do you ever have stretches like that? Times when it all seems to be going wrong and all you really want is some comfort food? A Donut? A Steak and a buttery baked… Continue reading Day 19 {A McDougalling We Will Go}


Day 12 {A McDougalling We Will Go}

Day 12 arrived with the sun beaming brightly across the mountains through the windows, warming the hardwoods floor and thawing the earth even more. It looked as if it would be a beautiful day but come lunch time it turned off cloudy and then the rain began to pour as if it were coming out of heaven's great watering bucket. 


Vegan Minestrone {Fat Free}

We didn't know the actual recipe for Minestrone so we just did our best and winged it! Here is our recipe!